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Monday, April 20, 2009

TRUCKERS....UGGGG !!! But I still love mine.

I don't know if I have mentioned that Eric is a trucker. IT DRIVES ME BONKERS sometimes. I miss him when he is gone and he gets upset because I miss him and I keep trying to reassure him that it is OK for me to miss him. We don't have a system worked out just yet...but...with ,God's guidance...we will soon. The worst part of it is that he keeps using mile markers as reference points to where he is when I ask him. I am like...This is relevant to me...how? I have learned the system now...at least a little. He wants to know all there is about diesel engines and the things about tractor trailers he doesn't already know. He will stop ANYTIME and talk to someone about it if he feels they have the knowledge. At the most inopportune times. He wants to stay up and watch the news at 11 when he hasn't slept and has to leave at 1:30. That scares me because I know he hasn't slept. He has an insatiable appetite for all things trucking and relates everything to it. He says it is the nature of the business to be more interested in it, constantly use trucker talk, and sleep odd hours. I think it is just him. I love him for all of his quirks though...like the goofy way he dresses, the way he ALWAYS leaves late so he can sleep more or stay with me longer, his goofy looking headset that blocks the engine noise, his bald head, and the way he likes to change his beard and mustache all the time. I have never met a man like him. He is such a geek but...so funny, intelligent, loving, sweet...too much to say. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer and I love him all the more for it. I thank God everyday I wake up and am able to say I have another day with him. Do you know any truckers wives or girlfriends? I am just wondering if they are all this great or if it is just mine. May you all feel blessed to have those closest to your heart.



Sunday, April 19, 2009


I didn't get the chance to write yesterday because I was gone from 10am to 1am at Thunder Over Louisville. IT WAS AMAZING !!! I haven't seen that many people in 1 venue in quite a long time. The aircraft were really awesome to see. Lots of Military aircraft and A HELICOPTER DOING STUNT MANEUVERS IN THE SKY !!! Too fun. Stuffed myself full of food and watched MORE. Then came the fireworks......WOW!!! I did not know they could shoot fireworks off a bridge. The bridge which connects Kentucky to Indiana across the Ohio river was shut down and COVERED in fireworks... not to mention the 2 barges on each side of the bridge. HUGE. I have never seen a display like it (keep watch on Facebook for pictures). All of the airplanes just reminded me of how truly FREE our country is. The fire works...how beautiful our country (all the colors mixing like all of the ethnicities). Really GREAT!!!

Today was about the GREATEST day of my life. I became an official member of Highland Baptist church in Louisville. The congregation gave me such a warm welcome when the pastor introduced me just after the final hymn. They all came to greet me and told me how happy they were that I joined. Of course all of them know Eric and were happy to know he is getting married off...HaHaHa. I can not wait to be married in this place that has welcomed me so openly. I was wanting to do some church shopping but I fell for this after my first time there. I hope to stay a member for a long time...see my kids brought up there...see them saved there. Ohhhh...shivers. What can I say about a place that makes you feel so great? Not much. As I sit here, writing this, the man I am going to spend my life with is sleeping beside me...peacefull...totally oblivious and comfortable. I LOVE MY LIFE AND PRAISE GOD FOR EACH NEW DAY HE GIVES ME !!! Hope you all find the same joy and peace with your lives.

Peace and comfort to all (much love too)


P.S. Please comment if you like or don't like what I have to say. I just like hearing from you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hike...Oh My !!!

I went hiking today..a long one. It was such a beautiful day. I am just floored by the beauty in nature. It makes me wonder how people can see sights and experience such a beautiful day and not believe a God exists. someone or something has to make something so magical. To get to share this wonder and beauty with someone you love (as I did) makes it so much better. Do you like the outdoors? If your answer is no I will ask you...How long has it been since you have gone outside? I don't mean just stepped outside to get in your car...I mean spent the whole day with the water, rocks, dirt, bugs ,and animals...outside. If it has been a while...go to the park and take a walk...or sit out on your porch. If you stop to listen and look it feel so big and wonderful. It makes you wonder how you can exist in something so massive. It is times I get to spend outside that I truly stop to let my mind open up and think. Not let mind mind wander but truly THINK and focus on life. I feel love and so much beauty just standing in the sun and listening to the birds. Have you ever just danced in the rain?...very liberating. Try it...spread your arms open wide and dance...it feels so great to just let the rain fall on yourself and be free. Be one with the things in this world God gives us...it is AMAZING!! Try going for a walk down the street with an open mind and a heart open to God...TRULY AWE INSPIRING.

Peace to you with much love.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

UMMMM *twiddles thumbs*

I am way off on what to write today. My mind is in a thousand different directions. I am starting to realize how much more I have to do before my wedding....and how much more this shindig is going to cost. I did not know a D.J. would charge so much....come on...they are putting a CD in a CD player...Is that a difficult job? Apparently so. I am getting prices upwards of $3,000 !!! I am sticker-shocked. No buyers remorse here. I am just going to find a friend and tell them to use my CD collection and the songs that are on my computer and just let them go. Definitely won't cost me $3,000. The cake was not so bad....we found what we wanted for only $140. Dress....well my dad and step mom bought that for me but with the veil, bra, slip, and the dress....almost $900. It is my special day but...CAN'T SOMEONE MAKE IT EASIER !!! I should start a company that does it all for CHEAP. I could make a killing....HaHaHa. Anyway...I figure if a bride can pay this much to get married then our economy should not be suffering like it is. Please don't start me on what I think of our government. I think it is a travesty politicians have become what they have. This is no longer a government for the people...it is a government for the rich and sleezy (I say that because there ARE good rich people out there). It makes me wonder when, exactly, this world took a turn for the worse. Was it in my grandparents generation...My parents....Mine? I wish I knew. I believe God knew what the world would become. I also believe he did not want things to be so corrupt and...well...wrong. I wish I could walk up to Obama and say...OK...you want reform...then DO IT (although I know it is easier said than done and results will take a while to see). I DON'T like him but I DO hope he makes some good changes. Thank You all for reading my ranting. God Bless us All in this crazy time.

Love to All

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

J-O-B !!

So....I am waiting on the results of a drug screen and backgroung check then I start a new job at a hospital. I told my current boss this just to keep him apprised of the fact that one of his employees is leaving. He told me...I don't need you today then....Go home. I was like OK.....Am I fired? I am so confused. Do I go back tomorrow or do I just say screw it ???? Too bad he already cut 1 of my days into a half day. GOODNESS GRACIOUS !!! Employers today do not know how to give a straight answer. I get on a tangent sometimes...my apologies. The only good side to this is I have more time to work on my house and get it PERFECTO!!!. I have been trying to make this place nice for me and my fiance...not an easy process. There is still a lot that needs to be done. I am starting to get the hang of this domestication thing. I have begun to like cooking, cleaning, and doing for someone else. Crazy thing to think I would start to actually LIKE doing dishes...The world must be about to end...Plus laundry (my least favorite thing)...Washing someone elses underwear....I would have said HECK NO before. It is funny to me that after doing it for a few weeks it feels like I have been doing it forever. Anyway...back to this job deal...AHHHHH !!! I feel like a bumb not working in the middle of the day... Is it my fault? Should I have shut my mouth? What about the 2 week notice deal..Has that gone out the window? Does that sacred rule no longer apply in todays world? Uggg...try to do the right thing and they say...I'M DONE WITH YOU !!...Well guess what....I am done with the work force...I will revert back to the days where the women were barefoot and pregnant housewives....OK...so that is not quite me....but you get the picture. God help me !!! I need guidance. any suggestions...I'm open.

God bless us all


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK.......so I haven't written in a while...sorry for that. To catch you up, I have now moved to Louisville, Kentucky. I love it here. I live with my fiance and we fight like cats and dogs....drive each other bonkers...and still love each other more everyday. I never thought I would be playing wifey before I actually WAS wifey. I like it though. It is not great in the eyes of God, however, times do change and...for our future...this is the best choice financially that could be made. I always sat down at the dinner table and prayed before meals with my family growing up. As an adult, I got out of that practice and, sadly, have a problem getting back into it. My love and I pray together before dinner every night it amazes me to see that sharing this one thing with him brings us closer to each other and God. I am amazed at the way we have grown as a couple the last few weeks. We argue...realize we are both being stubborn and say sorry and talk it out. They say communication is the key to a good relationship...well...that is only true if one doesn't kill the other before the communicating is over. It is tough, I'm finding, to keep my cool and let things go. I am getting there though. Changes in yourself tend to come about when you have someone whoes life you value more than your own. You learn the meaning of what it is to love someone or something. That word gets thrown around a lot today. I love my new straightening iron...then it is crap a week later. I love my new house...then the pipes burst after a couple months. Do we still love these things then? The answer is....NO. We whine and moan about how we have to go buy a new iron or pay someone to fix the pipes. What about God? Do we still love him when we fall on hard times? I hope your answer is yes. If not..then go read your Bible and tell me than Jesus did not LOVE you. Tell me he did not value you over himself. I am going to end this here because...I have a stove that needs to be fixed...do I love it....NO.

God Bless All