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Thursday, October 30, 2008

WOW !!!!

MY FIRST BLOG!!!! Wow...I am so behind the times. For those of you who do not know me...I am just relaxing with my roommates or my boyfriend when I am not working. I have not been in Nashville too awful long ( just 4 and a half months) so I have not met too many people...reason being....I NEED A LIFE !!....I have been going to a church service on Tuesdays called Kairos with my roommate Sarah and it is changing my life. The pastor seems to talk about things that are present on my mind at the time and it is GREAT!! Rewinding to the day I moved to Nashville...I took a detour to Louisville for a birthday party (the 97th birthday of my roommates' great grand mother) and then continued to Nashville. while at that party I met the man I have been dating since Father's Day (June 15th) of this year (2008). Sweet story, huh....I think so too. My roommates are AMAZING women. I like living with them...them with me...not so much at times. The job that I had when I moved here changed my attitude...and thus...the way I deal with things. My life is so much better these last few weeks.

Now for the real blog........

So I just started this new job. Loving the people. Loving the work (so far). It makes me wonder though....How can some people be so stupid? I have been doing interviews and looking at applications and OH MY GOODNESS !!...some of these people do not know how write, spell, or follow instructions to completely fill out an application. Now, I don't claim to know everything, however, the ignorance in proper etiquette for applying for a job astounds me....I mean....Is it not common knowledge that you DO NOT wear dirty ripped jeans to an interview?
OK, so I will quit my rant on stupidity (keep in mind though that I know I am far from perfect)

What are you all thinking about this political race?....me...I think Obama is an imbecile. The man is letting people who are in our country illegally actually think they have a RIGHT to vote by supporting ACORN. The people of ACORN are getting his votes for him from the illegal aliens. He can not make it through an interview without an UMMM or mumbling something that (as UTube will point out) sounds something similar to Porky Pig. I will give him credit for his education...but the man needs to learn how to speak without a teleprompter. As of late I have been finding it funny to get in front of a car who shows off their Obama sticker and let them read the two bumper stickers I have that will tell them democrats only want drill peoples wallets and that I am voting for McCain/Palin. Of course, I have to slow down so they can get close enough to read it. Got to love having the chance to share you political views in rush hour traffic. Which brings me to people sharing their religious beliefs on their bumpers with their "Jesus Saves" and other such bumper stickers. I LOVE THAT !! Granted I have not made a shopping trip to purchase one of those bumper stickers (which is really a shame). I hope that one day we can see "Jesus Saves" on the bumper of every car we pass. Maybe then the Road Rage during rush hour will not be so bad and (if you are anything like my roommate) we will have more patience.

So...That is it for today. Although this may not have been too great for you to read...I hope you continue to read my blog.

God Bless and Much Love

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