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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ok....I know I haven't posted anything in a bit....my apologies. I have tried to do some much needed soul searching these last few days and....not working. Have you ever thought you solved a problem just to find it again. Frustrating, huh?
I wish I could find answers to all that plagues me (which isn't a great deal...just some serious things). I have spent the last 5 months and 8 days so happy I don't know what to say. I have started wondering lately is my happiness is just an illusion. I don't want it to be. It feels so great to feel what I am feeling. I just see myself at times as this eternal screw-up and I don't want to ruin all the good things that have come into my life recently. I know I am being extremely pessimistic but, I CAN'T HELP IT. I want to scream at the top of my lungs how much I am loving my life (Do people actually do that?). I wish I could fast forward through all the bad stuff God is throwing at me and not have to deal with it. I guess it is OK though. So...as I sit here writing this with a runny nose and tears falling (great picture I know)....I wish you all peace and love and ask you to focus on all the good things in your life. They are worth all of the heartache. If you ever wonder....Why am I doing this? Look into the eyes of those you love...or better yet...open your Bible....you will find your answer.

Love to all

Thursday, November 6, 2008

YEA !!!!

And so it begins...the person I wrote about 2 days ago has shown up to surprise me. I guess the sabbatical is over....I AM SO HAPPY !!!. I am not feeling the best, however, so that takes away from the joy a bit...just a bit. I have had a great couple of days despite my M.I.A best friend. MY HOTEL OPENED TODAY !!!! We scored a 98 out of 100 (an Outstanding by Hilton standards and they are rare). I was so excited. I mean...I have worked my bum off last few days to help get things done. It is so awesome that all the hard work paid off. I have loved being a part of this property's opening. I have learned a lot these last few days. I wish I had more to write about but...as I mentioned before...I HAVE NO LIFE !!! Oh, I guess I should mention I still proudly display my Mccain/Palin bumper sticker even though they haven't won, and, no, I still haven't bought any more bumper stickers for my car.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The last few days I have not been able to talk to someone I love more than anything and it leaves me wondering....when? When will this person figure themselves out? When will this person feel their life is in order enough talk to me? I miss this person I love. I never thought I would be anchored by just hearing someones voice but....I find it gives me a reason to face my days. Don't misunderstand me, I have plenty more great things in my life to live and face my days for....my friends, my family, most of all...my God. I still miss talking to my best friend. Do you have days like this...when your thoughts drift to someone you care for? Your day just seems kind of dull. I know none of you want to hear me going on so I will just ask you to pray.

Love you all.

Keep your faith

Monday, November 3, 2008


I am so blessed to have gotten to come home from work early today. I stayed for 15 hours yesterday and went in early this morning and stayed for 10 hours today. Have I mentioned I love my job? I am so elated about it (my job). I am working with great people. This week is going to be tough cause WE OPEN IN 3 DAYS !!! Sorry for that little outburst. I really think that all of you should come stay at the HAMPTON INN NASHVILLE-OPRYLAND.

I am sorry I don't have any amusing anecdotes to pass along tonight. I hope you all are doing well.

God Bless you and yours.

P.S. Still no bumper sticker for my car.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


As I write this I am overwhelmed by the sence of love and respect I feel in my new crew at work. We are working hard to get the hotel I am working at open by the sixth of this month. Crazy, I know, since it is kind of behind (general stupidity of construction workers...not the fault of the hotel employees) but we will get it done. All of my team is working hard with each other (not separate or against each other like in most jobs). I love the responsibility that I have leading a crew and feel, well....grown up. I guess you could say I HAVE ARRIVED...haha. I have two awesome roommates, a cute little condo with them, a job that I am extremely happy at, and a man that I know for certain God sent to me. I am living everybody's dream (for the time being). Anyone who knows anything at all about life knows all the good things can be lost in a second. Which some people do understand this concept and spend their lives shutting people and good experiences out of their lives. This leads me to the question....Where is the love? I mean...Do you not want people to care about you? Do you not want others to care about? I know I do. Maybe we should all buy "Jesus Loves You" bumper stickers to put on our cars right beside our "Jesus Saves" one. By the way...Have you bought that bumper sticker yet? I still haven't (and, yes, it is still a shame).

Keep reading and I will keep you posted.

Love to all.

Logan's Steakhouse

So....My boyfriend came to visit and we went to Logan's Steakhouse to eat with my roommates (who are his cousins...I don't believe I mentioned that) and the waitress was umm.....I really can't think of a word for her. She had waited on us a few months back and gave Sarah some nasty iced tea (while getting our orders wrong) this time....we got the good iced tea...but the orders...not so perfect. We got the baked potato...but the items that were supposed to be on it...not so much. And what is going on with Logan's...NO MORE PEANUT SHELLS ON THE FLOOR !!!! *tear inserted here* It is, however, a good thing for the mother who brings her daughter that has a peanut allergy in to eat. Oh yes, a restaurant that uses the floor as a peanut trash can. Would you bring your child in a place like that if they were allergic to peanuts? Not only that, but ask the employee to sweep up the shells....AHHHHH! That would drive me crazy.

Now to ask the question....Have any of you bought that "Jesus Saves" bumper sticker yet? I am sorry to say I still have not yet made that trip (again I say....what a shame). If you haven't bought the bumper sticker yet...I hope your reading them.

Please continue to read my updates...I may just buy that bumper sticker.

Almost forgot...Happy Halloween

Love and Peace to all of you

Thursday, October 30, 2008

WOW !!! (cont.)

OK.....so I am computer illiterate. I really did mean to put YouTube and not UTube in the "WOW!!!" posting but I was trying to type quickly and my fingers moved faster than my brain. Please forgive me.

Peace and Hope

WOW !!!!

MY FIRST BLOG!!!! Wow...I am so behind the times. For those of you who do not know me...I am just relaxing with my roommates or my boyfriend when I am not working. I have not been in Nashville too awful long ( just 4 and a half months) so I have not met too many people...reason being....I NEED A LIFE !!....I have been going to a church service on Tuesdays called Kairos with my roommate Sarah and it is changing my life. The pastor seems to talk about things that are present on my mind at the time and it is GREAT!! Rewinding to the day I moved to Nashville...I took a detour to Louisville for a birthday party (the 97th birthday of my roommates' great grand mother) and then continued to Nashville. while at that party I met the man I have been dating since Father's Day (June 15th) of this year (2008). Sweet story, huh....I think so too. My roommates are AMAZING women. I like living with them...them with me...not so much at times. The job that I had when I moved here changed my attitude...and thus...the way I deal with things. My life is so much better these last few weeks.

Now for the real blog........

So I just started this new job. Loving the people. Loving the work (so far). It makes me wonder though....How can some people be so stupid? I have been doing interviews and looking at applications and OH MY GOODNESS !!...some of these people do not know how write, spell, or follow instructions to completely fill out an application. Now, I don't claim to know everything, however, the ignorance in proper etiquette for applying for a job astounds me....I mean....Is it not common knowledge that you DO NOT wear dirty ripped jeans to an interview?
OK, so I will quit my rant on stupidity (keep in mind though that I know I am far from perfect)

What are you all thinking about this political race?....me...I think Obama is an imbecile. The man is letting people who are in our country illegally actually think they have a RIGHT to vote by supporting ACORN. The people of ACORN are getting his votes for him from the illegal aliens. He can not make it through an interview without an UMMM or mumbling something that (as UTube will point out) sounds something similar to Porky Pig. I will give him credit for his education...but the man needs to learn how to speak without a teleprompter. As of late I have been finding it funny to get in front of a car who shows off their Obama sticker and let them read the two bumper stickers I have that will tell them democrats only want drill peoples wallets and that I am voting for McCain/Palin. Of course, I have to slow down so they can get close enough to read it. Got to love having the chance to share you political views in rush hour traffic. Which brings me to people sharing their religious beliefs on their bumpers with their "Jesus Saves" and other such bumper stickers. I LOVE THAT !! Granted I have not made a shopping trip to purchase one of those bumper stickers (which is really a shame). I hope that one day we can see "Jesus Saves" on the bumper of every car we pass. Maybe then the Road Rage during rush hour will not be so bad and (if you are anything like my roommate) we will have more patience.

So...That is it for today. Although this may not have been too great for you to read...I hope you continue to read my blog.

God Bless and Much Love