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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Logan's Steakhouse

So....My boyfriend came to visit and we went to Logan's Steakhouse to eat with my roommates (who are his cousins...I don't believe I mentioned that) and the waitress was umm.....I really can't think of a word for her. She had waited on us a few months back and gave Sarah some nasty iced tea (while getting our orders wrong) this time....we got the good iced tea...but the orders...not so perfect. We got the baked potato...but the items that were supposed to be on it...not so much. And what is going on with Logan's...NO MORE PEANUT SHELLS ON THE FLOOR !!!! *tear inserted here* It is, however, a good thing for the mother who brings her daughter that has a peanut allergy in to eat. Oh yes, a restaurant that uses the floor as a peanut trash can. Would you bring your child in a place like that if they were allergic to peanuts? Not only that, but ask the employee to sweep up the shells....AHHHHH! That would drive me crazy.

Now to ask the question....Have any of you bought that "Jesus Saves" bumper sticker yet? I am sorry to say I still have not yet made that trip (again I say....what a shame). If you haven't bought the bumper sticker yet...I hope your reading them.

Please continue to read my updates...I may just buy that bumper sticker.

Almost forgot...Happy Halloween

Love and Peace to all of you

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Sarah said...

Dude, you've been to Logan's twice in your life. Both times to the same one. You've never seen the floor engulfed with peanuts! LOL! Such a goober.