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Friday, March 25, 2011

OMG !!!

Had a customer call in to work today and said to me.."It is Friday and I know how you kids operate".  This was AFTER she was told by me we would do anything to make her happy at this point.  He issue..her sales guy had car trouble and could not make it out..she was called by her sales guy and the girls in my office..a total of 6 times.  She proceeds to call in and yell about how she missed a DR. appointment for the appointment with us and we are a worthless company and why did we call her cell phone which doesn't work where she lives.  Well....ALL YOU GAVE US WAS YOUR CELL NUMBER !!  WE TRIED IN EARNEST TO NOTIFY YOU !!  You know...my point is that all companies have problems...we are human.  The measure of a company is not the problem you had but what was done to correct it.  I tried to make this woman happy..her sales guy had another guy lined up to go to her if she were to call back...we were going to get someone out to her and get her what she wanted.  STUFF HAPPENS PEOPLE !!  No reason to go calling people and yelling at them and calling them names because something beyond their controll happened.  Especially if it is not a person directly involved in the situation.  These people need a little peace and love in their life.  And OH,  How us "kids" operate...last I check lady...I was a grown woman and worked hard at my job and am dependable.  Hummm...Does she need to do a little research ???  I think so.  Oh well...I tried...Can't win 'em all.

Blessings to all...and may you all NOT be difficult if you find yourself in a similar situation.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Life has been Crazy these last couple days...I went in an extra day at work and dealt with mind numbing EPA paperwork (what you get for working for a window company) wihch put me a day behind with my contract entry (about 130 orders) now I am half way caught up and hopefully I can finish by Saturday (finders crosses and prayers sent up to God)  I worked with my Childrens Choir at church last night and usually I have someone I work with to help keep the kids focused on whatever song they are learning but I was on my own last night.  The kids were good surprisingly.  For them anyway.  They are usually a hard group to work with.  I realize how blessed I am though to see these Children learn and grow each week.  I feel like sometimes I am spreading myself too thin between work, cleaning my house, cooking, spending time with the hubby, Church orchestra and choir andChildrens Choir among other things.  I have had a lot of my family calling me lately saying "we havent heard from you in a while" because...well...they haven't.  I have felt too tired when I get home lately to do anything but sitt my butt on my couch and watch the boob tube.  I am loving life right now and have been taking more time for God and just ....LOVE.  I have just worn myself to sheer happiness.

Lots of hugs to all

Monday, March 21, 2011

WARM With a Chance of SUNSHINE !!

Today is warm with lots of sunshine and some white puffy clouds...The perfect day to me.  I started thinking about my life and what brings me that "warm sunshine feeling"  for me it is...Puppies, friends, Horses, great weather, my husband, my family, flowers...pretty much EVERYTHING anymore.  I think everone needs a little warm sunshine in their life.  My faith has helped me to see my warm Sunshine Moments even in my darkest times.  I love to see the beautiful bright side of life.  Life is much easier when you are not bogged down with all the bad stuff.  I have come to learn most of the things in my life that I remember are the moments that I have felt loved and laughed a lot (the good times).  I am taking this Warm and Sunny day to remember all my "Warm Sunshine" moments.  Ahhhhh...life is sweet.

Hugs and love to all

Saturday, March 19, 2011

WORK..Do I Have To?

So..right now I am sitting at work trying to focus but...It is pretty difficult.. I wanted to drop by here to let off a little steam and hopefully it will help me get back on task (Here's to hopin')

I like my job...I really do.  I work in an office and the girls I work with are great !!  There is drama here and there (you get that with a bunch of women)  but all in all it is peaceful.  I have just come to the realization lately that I really don't want to work for someone ( I know I always will ) but I would love to have freedom to work when I want to on the days I want to.  I pray all the time to become independently wealthy by winning the lottery ( I just never buy tickets).  I guess I am just like any other American.  I like to be busy and do things...I just wish they were on MY terms.  I decided 10 years from now I will finally grow up and realize that is why they call it working (because it isn't suppose to be fun).  To all you workaholics....STOP IT !!!  Enjoy life NOW while you still have it.



Friday, March 18, 2011

My Life as I am living it today

I had a dear friend ask me the other day about my blog...which, I have to add, I have been neglecting for quite a while since getting married.  I miss writing and the outlet for frustration and joy.  Now..I guess.. Is a good time for me to write to let out a little hurt...

You see...I would love more than anything to be a mother.  I want the chance to experience the beauty of making a child with the one you love.  My problem...I have something called Turners Syndrome...for those of you who have never heard of it...one of the major complications is infertility.  There is a laundry list of things that can come with Turners that I am constantly having to check (Heart and Kidney issues being highest on the list) but, somehow, those do no not bother as much as..my husband and I have been trying for about a year to have children and have not been successful.  I hear all the time how God will give me a child if it is his His will. I have been pregnant before ( through a mistake I made as a 20 year old) and mis carried.  I want so much more to be a mother after having this happen to me.  I pray constantly for patience and  hope...but my faith in this is slipping.  All in All I know that God will have happen what he wills to happen.  I can do nothing to change it.  When I look at my wonderful husband and think of all he brings to my life I know I could not possible make him as happy as he makes me.  I feel, somehow, less of a wife and woman having such a problem conceiving.  I know it is all in my head but...I would appreciate prayers and lots of love.  I would love to hear from ANYONE who is going through something similar to this or knows firsthand what I am going through.  This is just a skimming of my thoughts for the day.

Much Much Love