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Friday, December 18, 2009


So...Here it is 2 days before my wedding.  My rehersal is today.  It is currently 3:20am and for some unknown reason...I can't sleep (been up since 2:30).  I am so excited to see my friend and her son.  Excited to see my family.  Uber excited to be away from my crazy job for this next week.  I just don't know which direction I am going right now. UGGGG.  I am on some kind of high it seems like. I have never felt like this before.  I wish I could just curl up and...I don't know...I feel like laughing, crying, and screaming all at the same time so....here it goes...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,  WAHHHHHHHHHH,  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!  There I feel better, NOT (never really felt bad).  I feel great though actually.  I feel at peace.  So here it is...about to take the first step into my new life.  I will end here and try to get some sleep (My last day at work is today).

Love to all,

Merry Christams If I don't post anything over the next week.

Friday, December 11, 2009


So....my future cousin in-law asked me to post more about my wedding so...here it goes...

Here is the ring...bought at Shane Co.  It is an Ice Blue Sapphire.  The blue color is my favorite which is why he picked it.

The side of the ring has tiny diamonds in it  LOVE IT !!!

Here is the dress.  Bought at David's Bridal...I wish you could see the detail in the beading...sooooo pretty.

The train...long with lots of beading....The veil has beading in it that matches the dress perfectly.  I was trying this dress on and I said "It makes me look skinny".  The woman that was helping said..."You are in a size 6...there is nothing fat about you".  LoL.  Yes I did just let everyone know what size I wear...I am a brave woman.

The church....Highland Baptist Church.  Love the congregation and beauty of this church (yes this is our church home).  If any of you lives in or visits Louisville, KY you should make a visit.  We were at the church picking out our organ music when I took this picture.

My Maid of Honor and dearest friend and her son, my little Ring Bearer.  I wish I had pictures of everone else in my bridal party but I can't find any with just them...only group pictures.  The Bridesmaid will be the groom's step sister.  The Best Man will be the groom's father.  Groomsman will be my brother.  Small bridal party, yes, but I am so happy with it.

I don't have pictures of the hall but it is really pretty with white table linens and a few green trees with white lights on them.  There are white lights all over the room.  A stage will hold our disc changer that we are using for the music as DJ's are outrageous pricewise.  I wanted to sing at the wedding but I have been unable to find music to use for the song. I still have a few minor thigs to run out and pick up but it won't take too much to do.

I am getting more excited by the day...nervous too.  Not really nervous about getting married, just nervous about something going wrong at some point through the ceremony or reception.  I know I will be so happy when this is all over and I can begin my life as a MRS.  It will be an adjustment for sure but I am so ready for the excitement of it all.  New Life, New Family, New Name.  So many details.

Me and My Husband (WOW, sounds great to say that).  He never stops making me laugh.  He never stops driving me bonkers.  Most important, He never stops loving me.  He is truly a rarity....a decent Christian man who would give anything he had if he could help a loved one.  No one could have been a better gift from God.

I have to make mention that Sarah Ruth and her sister (this is the three of us at our Christmas party last year)

 introduced me to the groom the day before I moved in with them at their great grandmother's 97th birthday party.  Sarah kept telling me...."wait till you meet my cousin Eric...you will just love him"...I think she had a plan from the beginning...Hahaha

Love to all...and I will be sure to post pictures after this shindig is finished.

With God's love...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


So...here I am yet again waiting for my future husband to get home.  Waiting to eat dinner with him.  Waiting for 10 more days to spend my life with him.  Everyone has heard the saying "patience is a virtue",unfortunately, it is a virtue I do not posess.  I get so angry sometimes because it seems like I am always waiting on him to get his big rig fixed before he comes home....hurry up and wait thats is a truckdriver's life...so true.  I wish I could find a way to let this go....just sit with my mouth shut and just deal with it.  Easier said than done.  For those of you who are able to chill out and wait for anything...Cherish that ability.  For those of you like me....STOP IT !!!  Just sit and wait.  I know it is not so easy to do...just take a breath and WAIT.  Pray for patience...or knowledge so you know how do deal with it.

Sorry for the short post but I am a busy woman trying to nail down last minute wedding details...love to all.

Peace and Harmony

Monday, December 7, 2009

LIVE !!!

So...my future grandfather (in law) and grandmother (in law)  are in the hospital and pretty sick.  I am reminded every day how short and precious life is and wonder how someone can take their own.  I don't have the greatest life or the best...but I feel I have the richest.  This is because I pray to God everyday to help me through.  Guide me.  I feel in my heart that I am on the path he has chosen for me.  That fact alone is means for me to face another day.  To get up and go to yet another day at my crappy job.  Yet another line at the supermarket.  It all seems so daunting when it is all you focus on, however, if you focus on God and the love of those around you....there is so much in this world to live for and nothing is worth the pain you will leave to those you love should you choose to end life your self.  And really...Who are we to play God for ourselves?...or others for that matter?  I will not  lie and say I have never thought about taking my life (or tried).  I have just learned that it isn't worth it.

I know this is a short post but I hope you take something away from it.  Think of your favorite thing (person, food, sport) and ask yourself...Would I miss this if I didn't have it?  If your answer is yes...then that is your thing to live for.  Another thing that was just so graciously pointed out to me was my wording in the last sentance...You should ALWAYS live for God, however, if God is not a strong presence in your life then FIND SOMETHING !!!  Now I go and leave you with the words of Spock "Live long and prosper"

Loves a Million

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today is the day before my bridal shower.  I never really wanted one because to me it is not necessary.  My future sister in-law told me "we have to throw a shower for you".  I was grateful for it because I don't know too many people here.  I am getting more nervous and excited as my wedding gets closer. 15 more days now.  I am sitting at my house with the man I love watching T.V. (we painted the town last night because, surprise, I had another horrible day at work) beside me.  It is a beautiful day out and eventually we have things we need to get done but right now we are enjoying a lazy day inside talking about how pretty it is and how nice it would be to go outside.  I love days like this when life is slow and all you have to do is sit back and be happy.  Life should always be enjoyed.

I am loving my life in this photo.  Which reminds me...today might be a good day for a hike (AND A GOOD CUPPA JOE BECAUSE IT IS CHILLY OUT).

Get outside and love the day God has given you.

Love to all


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok...so this is going to be another not so feel good post. I apologize in advance...

The hospital I work at has many buildings in the same area...today I got sent to a buiding I have only worked at a few times (no big deal right). I get there and there is one other girl there (this is the start of the shift at 7am)...we go through and get quite a bit of work done thinking we will be the only two there. Come around 9 am three other girls show up (five is about two people too many to cover this area...and the shift is suppossed to start at 7). So now here we are...overstaffed and my normal building is hurting for people. I call and I was told to come back over. I got my work assignment for the day (which is a normal days work even though I started almost two and a half hours late). I bust my butt to catch up and when I do a get asked "Amanda can you"? "Amanda will you"? Well guess what...from now on...Amanda won't and Amanda can't !!!! Do any of you have a job like this? You work well and you work hard so they work you harder and expect the same quality? Why is it that people who do nothing all the time but make 1 nice gesture get recognized but the people who consistantly work their bum off get no recognition? I am not asking for a raise..not asking for Employee of the Year (ok maybe I am)...really though...Just a "Thank you for your extra work today, you were a huge help, I appreciate you for it." would be good. Right now I want to say THANK YOU to the people who work hard and do what they should. Be proud of what you do (even if you are just a housewife and don't get paid...keeping up the house and kids is hard work). I am thankful to be working...I just hope one day my work ethic gets noticed and rewarded (monetarily if I am blessed enough).

Love to all. May you be thankful for your day jobs.

Prayers and Hugs

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DRIVE !!!!

I  want to start off by saying that today's post will not be some inspirational heartfelt message.  Sorry for those who may have expected that...it is posts like this that make my blog title accurate.....Here it goes.

Why is it that people just do not know how to drive in the rain ?!  I am on my way home from work and an idiot with NO HEADLIGHTS ON and using NO TURN SIGNAL (mind you again it is raining and hard to see) throws his car right in front of me to take and exit on the expressway.  I am glad I am a defensive driver and was paying some attention to him ( as, I have to say it again, HE HAD NO HEAD LIGHTS TURNED ON !!!).  I am sorry to rant but do people like this have NO respect for other drivers?  Keep in mind I am writing this post with full awareness that I have a little bit of a lead foot and I know I am not perfect.  It just scares me to death when I see someone driving unsafely when the conditions are bad to begin with.  The state of Kentucky (where I live) has a count down of deaths on Kentucky streets on a lit up sign above the interstate.  The count is at 707 for the year after being at 702 just yesterday.  It is drivers like this that cause those fatal accidents.  I know in a previous post I wrote about forgiving the crazy driver because you just do not know what is going on in their lives but COME ON...there is a fine line between a mistake made during a bad day and just plain old neglectful driving.  I live in Louisville and if you know anything about a born and raised Louisville driver....most of them....DON'T USE TURN SIGNALS.  Please remember this is for your safety and so others around you can drive safely themselves.  Love those around you enough to drive the right way and be safe. 

I will now climb out of this booster seat that is my soap box and say....Drive safe. 

                                    Love to all and may none of you become a fatal crash statistic.

                                                                     Hugs and prayers.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 20 DAYS !!!!  I am hit with this realization.  Hit hard.  I can not believe I will be sharing my life with someone...my WHOLE life.  I am hoping that soon I can call myself mother as well as wife.  I want to raise a family...with our own troubles, our own joys.  I hope one day my son or daughter may sit at a computer (or with a tablet in hand) and write their thoughts about their significant other.  About their family.  I feel so...well...nervous, scared, excited, overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with good things...love, joy, happiness.  Somedays I don't know how to deal with it.  Other days I just soak it up like a sponge.

A happy moment.  Just a small part of MY joy.

My advice to you...Let realization hit you...don't stop it or ignore it.  When the truth of your life hits you (ugly or beautiful)...You can finally deal with it and get to a happier place or soak up the moments of happiness you are given.

Please take a moment to let the beautiful disaster of life hit you like a Mack truck.

Love to all in this holiday season.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I sit here on my couch...computer on my lap...the man I love on the phone with me...talking and writing about one of my brothers...this is not the brother in the previous post.  This is a brother I am also thankful for, however, he has caused a lot of trial in my family.  My brother is currently in prison until May (this time)....You see a few years ago he got himself into a lot of the wrong kind of trouble.  He doesn't seem to grasp how much my family wants to be there to help him and make life a good place for him.  He won't open his heart to God and only wants to hang out and party with his buddies and sleep with whatever girl will have him.  He has two children (one of which he has only seen pictures of) and can't seem to straighten himself out even for them.  They are a beautiful little girl that looks exactly like my mother and a sweet little boy that looks just like him.  In my work I have seen a lot of strong wonderful women lose their babies...on the flip side, I have seen mothers who are crack addicted, and cannot take care of the many children they already have, give birth to healthy babies.  Why does God have to deal those undeserving a bad hand?  My brother truly is a good man.  He would stick up for anyone he cares about.  Be there if a loved one needs him.  Not to mention I have a family full of wonderful Christian people who are heartbroken over the things he has done.  The point of this (now that I have a face stained with tears) is to give any of you hope.  No matter what trial comes your way...no matter what your child or loved one has done...No matter what YOU have done.  The things you have done are not who you are and the things your family has done are no reflection on you.

My brother.  My heartbreak... and my teacher.  He has taught me a lot through his mistakes. 

Me.  A symbol of hope to those who think redemption isn't possible.  I shudder to think of what I would have become without finding God.  Without learning my lessons and taking them with me.  Mistakes are made...but with a little forgiveness, a little time, and a who love of redeeming love.  Redemption is truly possible.  Please pray the man in the picture above me will soon be the same picture I am.  Full of life, courage, and God's love.

My deepest love to all

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tomorrow is a day of thanks.  A day to reflect on everything (or person ) you have that you are grateful for.  I have so many things in my life to celebrate.   This blog, however, only shows a few of them.

My AMAZING DADDY !!  He has always been there for me, no matter what I did.

My big brother.  He is my big me.  Always an ear for me to vent to.

My goofy mommy.  She is always there to make me laugh.

My Love and our furry baby.  They have changed my whole world for the better. 

I encourage you to think hard this holiday season about what YOU are thankful for.  In these times we live in there are so many troubles...financial, emotional, physical,...whatever.  There is always something to be grateful for.  Maybe your spouse, your job, your parents, friends ( I know I have one friend I am particularly thankful for) make your life worth living.  Maybe it is just your health.  If you throw all the bad things in God's direction...all these good will come to light.  Do me a favor...Cherish your loved ones, your life, and your God.  You will find a peace like no other. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

Love Much

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heart !!

Have you ever completely given your heart to someone?  I mean chosen to trust them with your emotions, your love, your life, your well being, but most of all...your spiritual life?  I want to write this to help you be more wary who you say you love.  When I fell in love I did so with the knowledge that the emotion of love is fleeting...the action of love... should be unconditional and everlasting. 

This is MY picture of love.  Though I know years from now I may not feel the same emotions I do now...I still choose to stand by this man and trust him with the heart I have given to him.  I have moments when I want to run screaming (or just hit him over the head with something) but I know that he will turn around and do something that makes me laugh like crazy.  I know my marriage will not be easy.  I still, however, choose to love (not to be mistaken with being IN love) this man with all the love God has given to me.  For as long as I live.  Please...if you think you love someone...think for a while...would you always take care of them, stand by them, trust them with you life, your children, your home?  If you know the answer to these is yes beyond a shadow of a doubt...then let your heart into the mix.  Let the emotion of love wash over you.

Don't marry for the emotion of love though (or money or sex for that matter)...marry for true unconditional act of love.  Make it last a lifetime.

This is my word from the not so wise.  Hope you take it to heart.

Love to all,


Monday, November 23, 2009


You ever wonder if that stranger with the smile is real...or if the smile is just for show?  I have a lot of examples of putting on a show to give to you but I will just give you a few.

I was so wet, tired, and miserable at Kings Island in this picture but the smile on my face says I am just peachy.

This picture is a happy couple.  You wouldn't know that 2 minutes before there was an arguement.

This is a pretty picture.  No one who looked at it would really know that I was crying.  It just turned out well...a fake.

The point of this post is to trust in God to get you through your life...no matter how many bad moments you capture.  No matter how many smiles you put on your face.  God will get you through.  Remember the next time that you pass that crazy driver,  hear those screaming kids in the supermarket, or see someone smile at you.  You never know what is happening in the lives of those strangers.  Pray to God to help them as well as those you love AND yourself.  Next time you face heartache...don't put on that smile.  Let those around you know you thoughts and feelings.  Trust me...more will care to hear them than not.

Love and kisses (and a few prayers too)


Monday, July 13, 2009


So....I have a lot to talk about today. I went a few weeks ago to see a movie called "Battle of The Minds" at church. It is about the downfall of women having leadership roles in ministry. More conservative churches believe women should not have them....I DISAGREE !!! I would like those people to tell me if their 18 year old daughter came to them and said " I want to preach the word of God to my own congregation" they would tell her that is not what God wants. What if she feels this is what God is calling her to do? What if she truly...with all her soul believes it is what is meant for her? You want to deny your daughter HER right to choose what SHE believes? I mean...she is preaching the Bible...there are worse professions she could choose and HELLO SHE IS AN ADULT !!! I just feel it is a bit hypocritical to say a CHRISTIAN woman can not be a pastor. I can only say...I am glad my church does not believe this way. I am not perfect, I am...by human tradition...a sinner. We all are. I just feel that it is inherent in CHRISTIANS to not judge (Judge not lest ye be judged). Are you going against God's word when you judge? YES!! It says in black and white that GOD is the only one with the power to judge. I will not, however, say I am not guilty of it. I do tend to judge people by the way they dress...on first impression. I have learned to still approach and not snub people who may look unseemly because, truth be told, they turn out to be great people sometimes. I DO NOT judge people because they believe something different than I do. I respect their right to believe what they want and think their beliefs are between themselves and God.

Sorry to rant. I feel passionately about what I just wrote and hope you feel the same. Let me know.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OH NO !!!!

So it has been a while since I have written anything. I have been at odds with what to write about when a small heartbreak occurred. Eric and I got a little puppy. She is not quite 3 months old and she is (forgive the pun) sick as a dog. I love the little thing but she has a deadly virus that could kill her. I wonder why...If God is so loving and so gracious...he would let these kinds of things happen to his creatures. I guess there are reasons for everything. I am just sad and hoping things get better. Pray for me to find some answers and wisdom.

Love to all,


Monday, April 20, 2009

TRUCKERS....UGGGG !!! But I still love mine.

I don't know if I have mentioned that Eric is a trucker. IT DRIVES ME BONKERS sometimes. I miss him when he is gone and he gets upset because I miss him and I keep trying to reassure him that it is OK for me to miss him. We don't have a system worked out just yet...but...with ,God's guidance...we will soon. The worst part of it is that he keeps using mile markers as reference points to where he is when I ask him. I am like...This is relevant to me...how? I have learned the system now...at least a little. He wants to know all there is about diesel engines and the things about tractor trailers he doesn't already know. He will stop ANYTIME and talk to someone about it if he feels they have the knowledge. At the most inopportune times. He wants to stay up and watch the news at 11 when he hasn't slept and has to leave at 1:30. That scares me because I know he hasn't slept. He has an insatiable appetite for all things trucking and relates everything to it. He says it is the nature of the business to be more interested in it, constantly use trucker talk, and sleep odd hours. I think it is just him. I love him for all of his quirks though...like the goofy way he dresses, the way he ALWAYS leaves late so he can sleep more or stay with me longer, his goofy looking headset that blocks the engine noise, his bald head, and the way he likes to change his beard and mustache all the time. I have never met a man like him. He is such a geek but...so funny, intelligent, loving, sweet...too much to say. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer and I love him all the more for it. I thank God everyday I wake up and am able to say I have another day with him. Do you know any truckers wives or girlfriends? I am just wondering if they are all this great or if it is just mine. May you all feel blessed to have those closest to your heart.



Sunday, April 19, 2009


I didn't get the chance to write yesterday because I was gone from 10am to 1am at Thunder Over Louisville. IT WAS AMAZING !!! I haven't seen that many people in 1 venue in quite a long time. The aircraft were really awesome to see. Lots of Military aircraft and A HELICOPTER DOING STUNT MANEUVERS IN THE SKY !!! Too fun. Stuffed myself full of food and watched MORE. Then came the fireworks......WOW!!! I did not know they could shoot fireworks off a bridge. The bridge which connects Kentucky to Indiana across the Ohio river was shut down and COVERED in fireworks... not to mention the 2 barges on each side of the bridge. HUGE. I have never seen a display like it (keep watch on Facebook for pictures). All of the airplanes just reminded me of how truly FREE our country is. The fire works...how beautiful our country (all the colors mixing like all of the ethnicities). Really GREAT!!!

Today was about the GREATEST day of my life. I became an official member of Highland Baptist church in Louisville. The congregation gave me such a warm welcome when the pastor introduced me just after the final hymn. They all came to greet me and told me how happy they were that I joined. Of course all of them know Eric and were happy to know he is getting married off...HaHaHa. I can not wait to be married in this place that has welcomed me so openly. I was wanting to do some church shopping but I fell for this after my first time there. I hope to stay a member for a long time...see my kids brought up there...see them saved there. Ohhhh...shivers. What can I say about a place that makes you feel so great? Not much. As I sit here, writing this, the man I am going to spend my life with is sleeping beside me...peacefull...totally oblivious and comfortable. I LOVE MY LIFE AND PRAISE GOD FOR EACH NEW DAY HE GIVES ME !!! Hope you all find the same joy and peace with your lives.

Peace and comfort to all (much love too)


P.S. Please comment if you like or don't like what I have to say. I just like hearing from you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hike...Oh My !!!

I went hiking today..a long one. It was such a beautiful day. I am just floored by the beauty in nature. It makes me wonder how people can see sights and experience such a beautiful day and not believe a God exists. someone or something has to make something so magical. To get to share this wonder and beauty with someone you love (as I did) makes it so much better. Do you like the outdoors? If your answer is no I will ask you...How long has it been since you have gone outside? I don't mean just stepped outside to get in your car...I mean spent the whole day with the water, rocks, dirt, bugs ,and animals...outside. If it has been a while...go to the park and take a walk...or sit out on your porch. If you stop to listen and look it feel so big and wonderful. It makes you wonder how you can exist in something so massive. It is times I get to spend outside that I truly stop to let my mind open up and think. Not let mind mind wander but truly THINK and focus on life. I feel love and so much beauty just standing in the sun and listening to the birds. Have you ever just danced in the rain?...very liberating. Try it...spread your arms open wide and dance...it feels so great to just let the rain fall on yourself and be free. Be one with the things in this world God gives us...it is AMAZING!! Try going for a walk down the street with an open mind and a heart open to God...TRULY AWE INSPIRING.

Peace to you with much love.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

UMMMM *twiddles thumbs*

I am way off on what to write today. My mind is in a thousand different directions. I am starting to realize how much more I have to do before my wedding....and how much more this shindig is going to cost. I did not know a D.J. would charge so much....come on...they are putting a CD in a CD player...Is that a difficult job? Apparently so. I am getting prices upwards of $3,000 !!! I am sticker-shocked. No buyers remorse here. I am just going to find a friend and tell them to use my CD collection and the songs that are on my computer and just let them go. Definitely won't cost me $3,000. The cake was not so bad....we found what we wanted for only $140. Dress....well my dad and step mom bought that for me but with the veil, bra, slip, and the dress....almost $900. It is my special day but...CAN'T SOMEONE MAKE IT EASIER !!! I should start a company that does it all for CHEAP. I could make a killing....HaHaHa. Anyway...I figure if a bride can pay this much to get married then our economy should not be suffering like it is. Please don't start me on what I think of our government. I think it is a travesty politicians have become what they have. This is no longer a government for the people...it is a government for the rich and sleezy (I say that because there ARE good rich people out there). It makes me wonder when, exactly, this world took a turn for the worse. Was it in my grandparents generation...My parents....Mine? I wish I knew. I believe God knew what the world would become. I also believe he did not want things to be so corrupt and...well...wrong. I wish I could walk up to Obama and say...OK...you want reform...then DO IT (although I know it is easier said than done and results will take a while to see). I DON'T like him but I DO hope he makes some good changes. Thank You all for reading my ranting. God Bless us All in this crazy time.

Love to All

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

J-O-B !!

So....I am waiting on the results of a drug screen and backgroung check then I start a new job at a hospital. I told my current boss this just to keep him apprised of the fact that one of his employees is leaving. He told me...I don't need you today then....Go home. I was like OK.....Am I fired? I am so confused. Do I go back tomorrow or do I just say screw it ???? Too bad he already cut 1 of my days into a half day. GOODNESS GRACIOUS !!! Employers today do not know how to give a straight answer. I get on a tangent sometimes...my apologies. The only good side to this is I have more time to work on my house and get it PERFECTO!!!. I have been trying to make this place nice for me and my fiance...not an easy process. There is still a lot that needs to be done. I am starting to get the hang of this domestication thing. I have begun to like cooking, cleaning, and doing for someone else. Crazy thing to think I would start to actually LIKE doing dishes...The world must be about to end...Plus laundry (my least favorite thing)...Washing someone elses underwear....I would have said HECK NO before. It is funny to me that after doing it for a few weeks it feels like I have been doing it forever. Anyway...back to this job deal...AHHHHH !!! I feel like a bumb not working in the middle of the day... Is it my fault? Should I have shut my mouth? What about the 2 week notice deal..Has that gone out the window? Does that sacred rule no longer apply in todays world? Uggg...try to do the right thing and they say...I'M DONE WITH YOU !!...Well guess what....I am done with the work force...I will revert back to the days where the women were barefoot and pregnant housewives....OK...so that is not quite me....but you get the picture. God help me !!! I need guidance. any suggestions...I'm open.

God bless us all


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK.......so I haven't written in a while...sorry for that. To catch you up, I have now moved to Louisville, Kentucky. I love it here. I live with my fiance and we fight like cats and dogs....drive each other bonkers...and still love each other more everyday. I never thought I would be playing wifey before I actually WAS wifey. I like it though. It is not great in the eyes of God, however, times do change and...for our future...this is the best choice financially that could be made. I always sat down at the dinner table and prayed before meals with my family growing up. As an adult, I got out of that practice and, sadly, have a problem getting back into it. My love and I pray together before dinner every night it amazes me to see that sharing this one thing with him brings us closer to each other and God. I am amazed at the way we have grown as a couple the last few weeks. We argue...realize we are both being stubborn and say sorry and talk it out. They say communication is the key to a good relationship...well...that is only true if one doesn't kill the other before the communicating is over. It is tough, I'm finding, to keep my cool and let things go. I am getting there though. Changes in yourself tend to come about when you have someone whoes life you value more than your own. You learn the meaning of what it is to love someone or something. That word gets thrown around a lot today. I love my new straightening iron...then it is crap a week later. I love my new house...then the pipes burst after a couple months. Do we still love these things then? The answer is....NO. We whine and moan about how we have to go buy a new iron or pay someone to fix the pipes. What about God? Do we still love him when we fall on hard times? I hope your answer is yes. If not..then go read your Bible and tell me than Jesus did not LOVE you. Tell me he did not value you over himself. I am going to end this here because...I have a stove that needs to be fixed...do I love it....NO.

God Bless All


Saturday, January 31, 2009


OK....so I kind of forgot about my blog with everything that has been going on in my life although my Facebook is alive and well. I have new news....I'M GETTING MARRIED !!! I am so excited. I can't wait to begin my life as Mrs. Watson. I don't feel like I can be old enough to get married. It is crazy...I mean...I am only 24. That is still young this day in age. God has definately worked in some strange ways these last weeks. I am so happy but scared, excited, nervous, and everything else. I hope i make a good wife and, eventually, mother. I hope I have what it takes. I know God will give me the knowledge and guide my way.

Update on past blogs: My McCain/Palin bumper sticker was stolen from my car (and my roommates). Poor sticker.

Peace and Love