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Friday, December 11, 2009


So....my future cousin in-law asked me to post more about my wedding so...here it goes...

Here is the ring...bought at Shane Co.  It is an Ice Blue Sapphire.  The blue color is my favorite which is why he picked it.

The side of the ring has tiny diamonds in it  LOVE IT !!!

Here is the dress.  Bought at David's Bridal...I wish you could see the detail in the beading...sooooo pretty.

The train...long with lots of beading....The veil has beading in it that matches the dress perfectly.  I was trying this dress on and I said "It makes me look skinny".  The woman that was helping said..."You are in a size 6...there is nothing fat about you".  LoL.  Yes I did just let everyone know what size I wear...I am a brave woman.

The church....Highland Baptist Church.  Love the congregation and beauty of this church (yes this is our church home).  If any of you lives in or visits Louisville, KY you should make a visit.  We were at the church picking out our organ music when I took this picture.

My Maid of Honor and dearest friend and her son, my little Ring Bearer.  I wish I had pictures of everone else in my bridal party but I can't find any with just them...only group pictures.  The Bridesmaid will be the groom's step sister.  The Best Man will be the groom's father.  Groomsman will be my brother.  Small bridal party, yes, but I am so happy with it.

I don't have pictures of the hall but it is really pretty with white table linens and a few green trees with white lights on them.  There are white lights all over the room.  A stage will hold our disc changer that we are using for the music as DJ's are outrageous pricewise.  I wanted to sing at the wedding but I have been unable to find music to use for the song. I still have a few minor thigs to run out and pick up but it won't take too much to do.

I am getting more excited by the day...nervous too.  Not really nervous about getting married, just nervous about something going wrong at some point through the ceremony or reception.  I know I will be so happy when this is all over and I can begin my life as a MRS.  It will be an adjustment for sure but I am so ready for the excitement of it all.  New Life, New Family, New Name.  So many details.

Me and My Husband (WOW, sounds great to say that).  He never stops making me laugh.  He never stops driving me bonkers.  Most important, He never stops loving me.  He is truly a rarity....a decent Christian man who would give anything he had if he could help a loved one.  No one could have been a better gift from God.

I have to make mention that Sarah Ruth and her sister (this is the three of us at our Christmas party last year)

 introduced me to the groom the day before I moved in with them at their great grandmother's 97th birthday party.  Sarah kept telling me...."wait till you meet my cousin Eric...you will just love him"...I think she had a plan from the beginning...Hahaha

Love to all...and I will be sure to post pictures after this shindig is finished.

With God's love...


Bombshell BLISS said...

Thanks for sharing all that. I just love weddings and all the fun that goes along with it. May you have the best marriage ever!

Bonita Ariel said...

Love this, Mandie! So excited,9 days, wow...see you soon. Miss you girlie, mwah!

Brook said...

Great pictures and beautiful dress!!! Dropping by from SITS to say, "hello". It's nice to "meet" you! Best wishes on your wedding, marriage, and in 2010!

Kindest regards,