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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DRIVE !!!!

I  want to start off by saying that today's post will not be some inspirational heartfelt message.  Sorry for those who may have expected that...it is posts like this that make my blog title accurate.....Here it goes.

Why is it that people just do not know how to drive in the rain ?!  I am on my way home from work and an idiot with NO HEADLIGHTS ON and using NO TURN SIGNAL (mind you again it is raining and hard to see) throws his car right in front of me to take and exit on the expressway.  I am glad I am a defensive driver and was paying some attention to him ( as, I have to say it again, HE HAD NO HEAD LIGHTS TURNED ON !!!).  I am sorry to rant but do people like this have NO respect for other drivers?  Keep in mind I am writing this post with full awareness that I have a little bit of a lead foot and I know I am not perfect.  It just scares me to death when I see someone driving unsafely when the conditions are bad to begin with.  The state of Kentucky (where I live) has a count down of deaths on Kentucky streets on a lit up sign above the interstate.  The count is at 707 for the year after being at 702 just yesterday.  It is drivers like this that cause those fatal accidents.  I know in a previous post I wrote about forgiving the crazy driver because you just do not know what is going on in their lives but COME ON...there is a fine line between a mistake made during a bad day and just plain old neglectful driving.  I live in Louisville and if you know anything about a born and raised Louisville driver....most of them....DON'T USE TURN SIGNALS.  Please remember this is for your safety and so others around you can drive safely themselves.  Love those around you enough to drive the right way and be safe. 

I will now climb out of this booster seat that is my soap box and say....Drive safe. 

                                    Love to all and may none of you become a fatal crash statistic.

                                                                     Hugs and prayers.


Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

I understand - those people "drive" me crazy too! Be safe and watch out for the crazy people!

Just blog hopping from SITS -


Anonymous said...

Your just fine with topic you've chosen. Not all post are going to be feel good's. Just be you.

I can't stand non signaling, turtle pace turners, no headlights at night, cut me off to get ahead one car drivers. And goodness forbid, drunk or cell phoning drivers. They put us all at risk. Hugs to you!

Sarah Ruth said...

Amen to that! Truck drivers (besides Eric!) drive me crazy. I almost got hit 3 times yesterday. By the SAME SEMI!!!! I was mad.

YAY for the booster seat pic!! Hehehe.

Hannah said...

They also like to drive on the median! ;)