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Monday, December 7, 2009

LIVE !!!

So...my future grandfather (in law) and grandmother (in law)  are in the hospital and pretty sick.  I am reminded every day how short and precious life is and wonder how someone can take their own.  I don't have the greatest life or the best...but I feel I have the richest.  This is because I pray to God everyday to help me through.  Guide me.  I feel in my heart that I am on the path he has chosen for me.  That fact alone is means for me to face another day.  To get up and go to yet another day at my crappy job.  Yet another line at the supermarket.  It all seems so daunting when it is all you focus on, however, if you focus on God and the love of those around you....there is so much in this world to live for and nothing is worth the pain you will leave to those you love should you choose to end life your self.  And really...Who are we to play God for ourselves?...or others for that matter?  I will not  lie and say I have never thought about taking my life (or tried).  I have just learned that it isn't worth it.

I know this is a short post but I hope you take something away from it.  Think of your favorite thing (person, food, sport) and ask yourself...Would I miss this if I didn't have it?  If your answer is yes...then that is your thing to live for.  Another thing that was just so graciously pointed out to me was my wording in the last sentance...You should ALWAYS live for God, however, if God is not a strong presence in your life then FIND SOMETHING !!!  Now I go and leave you with the words of Spock "Live long and prosper"

Loves a Million

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Anonymous said...

I am living a couple of debilitating illnesses and they have taught me two things, NEVER wish away time and never loose time wishing when living will do.
I wish your g'parents inlaw God speed and good health soon. Hugs. Tammy