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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok...so this is going to be another not so feel good post. I apologize in advance...

The hospital I work at has many buildings in the same area...today I got sent to a buiding I have only worked at a few times (no big deal right). I get there and there is one other girl there (this is the start of the shift at 7am)...we go through and get quite a bit of work done thinking we will be the only two there. Come around 9 am three other girls show up (five is about two people too many to cover this area...and the shift is suppossed to start at 7). So now here we are...overstaffed and my normal building is hurting for people. I call and I was told to come back over. I got my work assignment for the day (which is a normal days work even though I started almost two and a half hours late). I bust my butt to catch up and when I do a get asked "Amanda can you"? "Amanda will you"? Well guess what...from now on...Amanda won't and Amanda can't !!!! Do any of you have a job like this? You work well and you work hard so they work you harder and expect the same quality? Why is it that people who do nothing all the time but make 1 nice gesture get recognized but the people who consistantly work their bum off get no recognition? I am not asking for a raise..not asking for Employee of the Year (ok maybe I am)...really though...Just a "Thank you for your extra work today, you were a huge help, I appreciate you for it." would be good. Right now I want to say THANK YOU to the people who work hard and do what they should. Be proud of what you do (even if you are just a housewife and don't get paid...keeping up the house and kids is hard work). I am thankful to be working...I just hope one day my work ethic gets noticed and rewarded (monetarily if I am blessed enough).

Love to all. May you be thankful for your day jobs.

Prayers and Hugs


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda
I couldn't read your blog without highlighting the post, just so you know.
My husband used to have a job like that until I told him one day, baby, you deserve better than this. Stand up for yourself please! Once he started to, he realized he didn't need that job anymore. He applied to the Hospital he is at now and he loves his job and they love him!
I've had jobs like that too. But, i'm one who will walk off a job if respect is not a two way street. I can always get another one... well that is what i use to think. Now I work from home. Solves a lot of problems right there.
Hugs and sorry you had a bad day. Tammy

Sarah Ruth said...

Thank you for working hard!!!