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Monday, November 30, 2009


I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 20 DAYS !!!!  I am hit with this realization.  Hit hard.  I can not believe I will be sharing my life with someone...my WHOLE life.  I am hoping that soon I can call myself mother as well as wife.  I want to raise a family...with our own troubles, our own joys.  I hope one day my son or daughter may sit at a computer (or with a tablet in hand) and write their thoughts about their significant other.  About their family.  I feel so...well...nervous, scared, excited, overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with good things...love, joy, happiness.  Somedays I don't know how to deal with it.  Other days I just soak it up like a sponge.

A happy moment.  Just a small part of MY joy.

My advice to you...Let realization hit you...don't stop it or ignore it.  When the truth of your life hits you (ugly or beautiful)...You can finally deal with it and get to a happier place or soak up the moments of happiness you are given.

Please take a moment to let the beautiful disaster of life hit you like a Mack truck.

Love to all in this holiday season.


Anonymous said...

You remember one thing and everything else will be easy to handle. A wedding is for a day, a marriage is for a lifetime. Keep God close in both. Never give up your girlfriends and don't be demanding when he needs a day out. In time, you'll find he'll find more time at home is a good thing. Hugs to you. Tammy

Joy said...

Married in 20 days?! Congratulations!

Sarah Ruth said...

Your bridal shower is in 6 days!! Hehe. And I'm getting married in 47 days! EEK! I'm so excited!