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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heart !!

Have you ever completely given your heart to someone?  I mean chosen to trust them with your emotions, your love, your life, your well being, but most of all...your spiritual life?  I want to write this to help you be more wary who you say you love.  When I fell in love I did so with the knowledge that the emotion of love is fleeting...the action of love... should be unconditional and everlasting. 

This is MY picture of love.  Though I know years from now I may not feel the same emotions I do now...I still choose to stand by this man and trust him with the heart I have given to him.  I have moments when I want to run screaming (or just hit him over the head with something) but I know that he will turn around and do something that makes me laugh like crazy.  I know my marriage will not be easy.  I still, however, choose to love (not to be mistaken with being IN love) this man with all the love God has given to me.  For as long as I live.  Please...if you think you love someone...think for a while...would you always take care of them, stand by them, trust them with you life, your children, your home?  If you know the answer to these is yes beyond a shadow of a doubt...then let your heart into the mix.  Let the emotion of love wash over you.

Don't marry for the emotion of love though (or money or sex for that matter)...marry for true unconditional act of love.  Make it last a lifetime.

This is my word from the not so wise.  Hope you take it to heart.

Love to all,



Bonita Ariel said...

am I rubbing off on you? lol, very well said.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree! 100% matter of fact. The wedding ends within hours, the marriage lasts a lifetime. Welcome to blogland!! Hugs. Tammy

Sarah Ruth said...

I agree. Love is not easy. But it is definitely worth it!

Anonymous said...

great post!

I'm here visiting from Sarah Ruth's blog to say hi!