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Thursday, April 16, 2009

UMMMM *twiddles thumbs*

I am way off on what to write today. My mind is in a thousand different directions. I am starting to realize how much more I have to do before my wedding....and how much more this shindig is going to cost. I did not know a D.J. would charge so much....come on...they are putting a CD in a CD player...Is that a difficult job? Apparently so. I am getting prices upwards of $3,000 !!! I am sticker-shocked. No buyers remorse here. I am just going to find a friend and tell them to use my CD collection and the songs that are on my computer and just let them go. Definitely won't cost me $3,000. The cake was not so bad....we found what we wanted for only $140. Dress....well my dad and step mom bought that for me but with the veil, bra, slip, and the dress....almost $900. It is my special day but...CAN'T SOMEONE MAKE IT EASIER !!! I should start a company that does it all for CHEAP. I could make a killing....HaHaHa. Anyway...I figure if a bride can pay this much to get married then our economy should not be suffering like it is. Please don't start me on what I think of our government. I think it is a travesty politicians have become what they have. This is no longer a government for the people...it is a government for the rich and sleezy (I say that because there ARE good rich people out there). It makes me wonder when, exactly, this world took a turn for the worse. Was it in my grandparents generation...My parents....Mine? I wish I knew. I believe God knew what the world would become. I also believe he did not want things to be so corrupt and...well...wrong. I wish I could walk up to Obama and say...OK...you want reform...then DO IT (although I know it is easier said than done and results will take a while to see). I DON'T like him but I DO hope he makes some good changes. Thank You all for reading my ranting. God Bless us All in this crazy time.

Love to All

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Sarah said...

I believe someone tried to tell you how much your wedding would cost.... And BELIEVE ME! $900 for all of your apparel is CHEAP!!! I mean, most weddings cost $15,000-$20,000!!! At the LEAST! You're doing GREAT!