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Monday, April 20, 2009

TRUCKERS....UGGGG !!! But I still love mine.

I don't know if I have mentioned that Eric is a trucker. IT DRIVES ME BONKERS sometimes. I miss him when he is gone and he gets upset because I miss him and I keep trying to reassure him that it is OK for me to miss him. We don't have a system worked out just yet...but...with ,God's guidance...we will soon. The worst part of it is that he keeps using mile markers as reference points to where he is when I ask him. I am like...This is relevant to me...how? I have learned the system now...at least a little. He wants to know all there is about diesel engines and the things about tractor trailers he doesn't already know. He will stop ANYTIME and talk to someone about it if he feels they have the knowledge. At the most inopportune times. He wants to stay up and watch the news at 11 when he hasn't slept and has to leave at 1:30. That scares me because I know he hasn't slept. He has an insatiable appetite for all things trucking and relates everything to it. He says it is the nature of the business to be more interested in it, constantly use trucker talk, and sleep odd hours. I think it is just him. I love him for all of his quirks though...like the goofy way he dresses, the way he ALWAYS leaves late so he can sleep more or stay with me longer, his goofy looking headset that blocks the engine noise, his bald head, and the way he likes to change his beard and mustache all the time. I have never met a man like him. He is such a geek but...so funny, intelligent, loving, sweet...too much to say. He definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer and I love him all the more for it. I thank God everyday I wake up and am able to say I have another day with him. Do you know any truckers wives or girlfriends? I am just wondering if they are all this great or if it is just mine. May you all feel blessed to have those closest to your heart.



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Sarah said...

I really hope you're not just now realizing he's like this. He's been like this for so long, I can't even remember what he was like BEFORE he was a trucker. Just learn with him. If you learn about trucks and truck-things, it will encourage him and show him how much you love him. I'm learning military things...and christian 80's rock band things.... LOL! All for the love, man!