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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


OK.......so I haven't written in a while...sorry for that. To catch you up, I have now moved to Louisville, Kentucky. I love it here. I live with my fiance and we fight like cats and dogs....drive each other bonkers...and still love each other more everyday. I never thought I would be playing wifey before I actually WAS wifey. I like it though. It is not great in the eyes of God, however, times do change and...for our future...this is the best choice financially that could be made. I always sat down at the dinner table and prayed before meals with my family growing up. As an adult, I got out of that practice and, sadly, have a problem getting back into it. My love and I pray together before dinner every night it amazes me to see that sharing this one thing with him brings us closer to each other and God. I am amazed at the way we have grown as a couple the last few weeks. We argue...realize we are both being stubborn and say sorry and talk it out. They say communication is the key to a good relationship...well...that is only true if one doesn't kill the other before the communicating is over. It is tough, I'm finding, to keep my cool and let things go. I am getting there though. Changes in yourself tend to come about when you have someone whoes life you value more than your own. You learn the meaning of what it is to love someone or something. That word gets thrown around a lot today. I love my new straightening iron...then it is crap a week later. I love my new house...then the pipes burst after a couple months. Do we still love these things then? The answer is....NO. We whine and moan about how we have to go buy a new iron or pay someone to fix the pipes. What about God? Do we still love him when we fall on hard times? I hope your answer is yes. If not..then go read your Bible and tell me than Jesus did not LOVE you. Tell me he did not value you over himself. I am going to end this here because...I have a stove that needs to be fixed...do I love it....NO.

God Bless All


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