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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

J-O-B !!

So....I am waiting on the results of a drug screen and backgroung check then I start a new job at a hospital. I told my current boss this just to keep him apprised of the fact that one of his employees is leaving. He told me...I don't need you today then....Go home. I was like OK.....Am I fired? I am so confused. Do I go back tomorrow or do I just say screw it ???? Too bad he already cut 1 of my days into a half day. GOODNESS GRACIOUS !!! Employers today do not know how to give a straight answer. I get on a tangent sometimes...my apologies. The only good side to this is I have more time to work on my house and get it PERFECTO!!!. I have been trying to make this place nice for me and my fiance...not an easy process. There is still a lot that needs to be done. I am starting to get the hang of this domestication thing. I have begun to like cooking, cleaning, and doing for someone else. Crazy thing to think I would start to actually LIKE doing dishes...The world must be about to end...Plus laundry (my least favorite thing)...Washing someone elses underwear....I would have said HECK NO before. It is funny to me that after doing it for a few weeks it feels like I have been doing it forever. Anyway...back to this job deal...AHHHHH !!! I feel like a bumb not working in the middle of the day... Is it my fault? Should I have shut my mouth? What about the 2 week notice deal..Has that gone out the window? Does that sacred rule no longer apply in todays world? Uggg...try to do the right thing and they say...I'M DONE WITH YOU !!...Well guess what....I am done with the work force...I will revert back to the days where the women were barefoot and pregnant housewives....OK...so that is not quite me....but you get the picture. God help me !!! I need guidance. any suggestions...I'm open.

God bless us all


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Anonymous said...

look at Mandie sooo domesticated...I would say screw it, he told you he doesn't need you today so he shouldn't need you tomorrow either...however, the nice thing to do would be to call him in the morning and ask if he wants you to come in because his words were probably spoken out of anger...do whatever works best for you