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Sunday, April 19, 2009


I didn't get the chance to write yesterday because I was gone from 10am to 1am at Thunder Over Louisville. IT WAS AMAZING !!! I haven't seen that many people in 1 venue in quite a long time. The aircraft were really awesome to see. Lots of Military aircraft and A HELICOPTER DOING STUNT MANEUVERS IN THE SKY !!! Too fun. Stuffed myself full of food and watched MORE. Then came the fireworks......WOW!!! I did not know they could shoot fireworks off a bridge. The bridge which connects Kentucky to Indiana across the Ohio river was shut down and COVERED in fireworks... not to mention the 2 barges on each side of the bridge. HUGE. I have never seen a display like it (keep watch on Facebook for pictures). All of the airplanes just reminded me of how truly FREE our country is. The fire works...how beautiful our country (all the colors mixing like all of the ethnicities). Really GREAT!!!

Today was about the GREATEST day of my life. I became an official member of Highland Baptist church in Louisville. The congregation gave me such a warm welcome when the pastor introduced me just after the final hymn. They all came to greet me and told me how happy they were that I joined. Of course all of them know Eric and were happy to know he is getting married off...HaHaHa. I can not wait to be married in this place that has welcomed me so openly. I was wanting to do some church shopping but I fell for this after my first time there. I hope to stay a member for a long time...see my kids brought up there...see them saved there. Ohhhh...shivers. What can I say about a place that makes you feel so great? Not much. As I sit here, writing this, the man I am going to spend my life with is sleeping beside me...peacefull...totally oblivious and comfortable. I LOVE MY LIFE AND PRAISE GOD FOR EACH NEW DAY HE GIVES ME !!! Hope you all find the same joy and peace with your lives.

Peace and comfort to all (much love too)


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