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Friday, April 17, 2009

Hike...Oh My !!!

I went hiking today..a long one. It was such a beautiful day. I am just floored by the beauty in nature. It makes me wonder how people can see sights and experience such a beautiful day and not believe a God exists. someone or something has to make something so magical. To get to share this wonder and beauty with someone you love (as I did) makes it so much better. Do you like the outdoors? If your answer is no I will ask you...How long has it been since you have gone outside? I don't mean just stepped outside to get in your car...I mean spent the whole day with the water, rocks, dirt, bugs ,and animals...outside. If it has been a while...go to the park and take a walk...or sit out on your porch. If you stop to listen and look it feel so big and wonderful. It makes you wonder how you can exist in something so massive. It is times I get to spend outside that I truly stop to let my mind open up and think. Not let mind mind wander but truly THINK and focus on life. I feel love and so much beauty just standing in the sun and listening to the birds. Have you ever just danced in the rain?...very liberating. Try it...spread your arms open wide and dance...it feels so great to just let the rain fall on yourself and be free. Be one with the things in this world God gives us...it is AMAZING!! Try going for a walk down the street with an open mind and a heart open to God...TRULY AWE INSPIRING.

Peace to you with much love.


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