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Monday, July 13, 2009


So....I have a lot to talk about today. I went a few weeks ago to see a movie called "Battle of The Minds" at church. It is about the downfall of women having leadership roles in ministry. More conservative churches believe women should not have them....I DISAGREE !!! I would like those people to tell me if their 18 year old daughter came to them and said " I want to preach the word of God to my own congregation" they would tell her that is not what God wants. What if she feels this is what God is calling her to do? What if she truly...with all her soul believes it is what is meant for her? You want to deny your daughter HER right to choose what SHE believes? I mean...she is preaching the Bible...there are worse professions she could choose and HELLO SHE IS AN ADULT !!! I just feel it is a bit hypocritical to say a CHRISTIAN woman can not be a pastor. I can only say...I am glad my church does not believe this way. I am not perfect, I am...by human tradition...a sinner. We all are. I just feel that it is inherent in CHRISTIANS to not judge (Judge not lest ye be judged). Are you going against God's word when you judge? YES!! It says in black and white that GOD is the only one with the power to judge. I will not, however, say I am not guilty of it. I do tend to judge people by the way they dress...on first impression. I have learned to still approach and not snub people who may look unseemly because, truth be told, they turn out to be great people sometimes. I DO NOT judge people because they believe something different than I do. I respect their right to believe what they want and think their beliefs are between themselves and God.

Sorry to rant. I feel passionately about what I just wrote and hope you feel the same. Let me know.

Peace and Love

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Sarah said...

Not to step on any toes here, but the Bible also says that the MEN are supposed to be spiritual leaders. In the church and the home. Let me find the exact place and I'll let you know.