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Monday, March 21, 2011

WARM With a Chance of SUNSHINE !!

Today is warm with lots of sunshine and some white puffy clouds...The perfect day to me.  I started thinking about my life and what brings me that "warm sunshine feeling"  for me it is...Puppies, friends, Horses, great weather, my husband, my family, flowers...pretty much EVERYTHING anymore.  I think everone needs a little warm sunshine in their life.  My faith has helped me to see my warm Sunshine Moments even in my darkest times.  I love to see the beautiful bright side of life.  Life is much easier when you are not bogged down with all the bad stuff.  I have come to learn most of the things in my life that I remember are the moments that I have felt loved and laughed a lot (the good times).  I am taking this Warm and Sunny day to remember all my "Warm Sunshine" moments.  Ahhhhh...life is sweet.

Hugs and love to all

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Sarah Ruth said...

Amen to that! Everyone should think more like that. What a difference that would make!