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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Life has been Crazy these last couple days...I went in an extra day at work and dealt with mind numbing EPA paperwork (what you get for working for a window company) wihch put me a day behind with my contract entry (about 130 orders) now I am half way caught up and hopefully I can finish by Saturday (finders crosses and prayers sent up to God)  I worked with my Childrens Choir at church last night and usually I have someone I work with to help keep the kids focused on whatever song they are learning but I was on my own last night.  The kids were good surprisingly.  For them anyway.  They are usually a hard group to work with.  I realize how blessed I am though to see these Children learn and grow each week.  I feel like sometimes I am spreading myself too thin between work, cleaning my house, cooking, spending time with the hubby, Church orchestra and choir andChildrens Choir among other things.  I have had a lot of my family calling me lately saying "we havent heard from you in a while" because...well...they haven't.  I have felt too tired when I get home lately to do anything but sitt my butt on my couch and watch the boob tube.  I am loving life right now and have been taking more time for God and just ....LOVE.  I have just worn myself to sheer happiness.

Lots of hugs to all

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Sarah Ruth said...

Hope you got all caught up!