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Saturday, March 19, 2011

WORK..Do I Have To?

So..right now I am sitting at work trying to focus but...It is pretty difficult.. I wanted to drop by here to let off a little steam and hopefully it will help me get back on task (Here's to hopin')

I like my job...I really do.  I work in an office and the girls I work with are great !!  There is drama here and there (you get that with a bunch of women)  but all in all it is peaceful.  I have just come to the realization lately that I really don't want to work for someone ( I know I always will ) but I would love to have freedom to work when I want to on the days I want to.  I pray all the time to become independently wealthy by winning the lottery ( I just never buy tickets).  I guess I am just like any other American.  I like to be busy and do things...I just wish they were on MY terms.  I decided 10 years from now I will finally grow up and realize that is why they call it working (because it isn't suppose to be fun).  To all you workaholics....STOP IT !!!  Enjoy life NOW while you still have it.



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Sarah Ruth said...

Doesn't it suck to be a grownup? Love ya!