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Saturday, November 1, 2008


As I write this I am overwhelmed by the sence of love and respect I feel in my new crew at work. We are working hard to get the hotel I am working at open by the sixth of this month. Crazy, I know, since it is kind of behind (general stupidity of construction workers...not the fault of the hotel employees) but we will get it done. All of my team is working hard with each other (not separate or against each other like in most jobs). I love the responsibility that I have leading a crew and feel, well....grown up. I guess you could say I HAVE ARRIVED...haha. I have two awesome roommates, a cute little condo with them, a job that I am extremely happy at, and a man that I know for certain God sent to me. I am living everybody's dream (for the time being). Anyone who knows anything at all about life knows all the good things can be lost in a second. Which some people do understand this concept and spend their lives shutting people and good experiences out of their lives. This leads me to the question....Where is the love? I mean...Do you not want people to care about you? Do you not want others to care about? I know I do. Maybe we should all buy "Jesus Loves You" bumper stickers to put on our cars right beside our "Jesus Saves" one. By the way...Have you bought that bumper sticker yet? I still haven't (and, yes, it is still a shame).

Keep reading and I will keep you posted.

Love to all.

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