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Thursday, November 6, 2008

YEA !!!!

And so it begins...the person I wrote about 2 days ago has shown up to surprise me. I guess the sabbatical is over....I AM SO HAPPY !!!. I am not feeling the best, however, so that takes away from the joy a bit...just a bit. I have had a great couple of days despite my M.I.A best friend. MY HOTEL OPENED TODAY !!!! We scored a 98 out of 100 (an Outstanding by Hilton standards and they are rare). I was so excited. I mean...I have worked my bum off last few days to help get things done. It is so awesome that all the hard work paid off. I have loved being a part of this property's opening. I have learned a lot these last few days. I wish I had more to write about but...as I mentioned before...I HAVE NO LIFE !!! Oh, I guess I should mention I still proudly display my Mccain/Palin bumper sticker even though they haven't won, and, no, I still haven't bought any more bumper stickers for my car.

Peace and Love.

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