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Thursday, May 5, 2011

All Work and No Play

Lately at work my schedule has been crazy.  6 days a week with 9 hour days.  1 word...Sleepy.  Today when I get off of work I will be walking the puppy and then sitting out on my patio with my music and my Kobo (Boarders' version of the Kindle).  This is my Idea of a WONDERFUL night.  Sometimes I feel like I am getting to old too quick...I think...If my idea of a good night is reading a book...Then I definitely feel older than my age.  I am only 26.  Most 26 year olds I know are going out and having fun in clubs and hanging out with friends.  Me..I LOVE going out and doing and trying new things...but..sometimes..nothing sounds quite as good as relaxing with a good book on the front porch.

Love and Happy reading to all

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