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Friday, April 29, 2011

20 Days !!!

WOW !!!! 20 days have just flown by for me without 1 visit to my blog..GEEZE !!!  Well, In a nut shell my life has been a blur of cleaning up puppy poop, walking said pooping puppy, working 6 days a week, Childrens Choir and Choir Rehearsal at church, dates with the hubby when we can, Sleeping, eating (not nearly enough of sleeping or eating), and Church services...among other things.  I don't know where my head has been this last...close to a month.  I am SOOOOO Loving my busy life.  Where I live it has been a constant downpour of rain for this last week so...that has been eventful after getting a soaking wet puppy inside the house and trying to keep her still enough to dry her off before she becomes a hurricane in our house.  I am loving these little things.  Funny how the busier my life is..the happier and fuller...and even quieter it seems

freezing and wet at Thunder over Louisville

Out with My boss and friend Steph (same person) to the Derby festival fashion show P.S.  I had my first gambling experience after the show...played the dollar slot a couple times...lol

shopping during a date night with the hubby...we were in the toy area trying to find HIM Transformers (oops I leaked his secret..Haha)

Awww he found a trike

Taking a sec to love on my little baby

These are just a glimpse into my crazy life...sometimes I wish there was more sitting at home...but we plan too much and both me and my husband want to experience all we can in life.

Love and hugs to all and may you find the true peace and happiness I have found this last month.  May god bless you and keep you

:) :) HUGS :) :)

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Sarah Ruth said...

Fun fun! And I feel ya on the rain. I'm kinda tired of it. It's freaking us out here in Nashville, after the flood last year!