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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love like Puppies !!

 I had a thought today (can't you smell the smoke) one not altogether profound but I thought it was sweet.  The thought came to me as I was on the receiving a barrage of kisses from my puppy.  I wish we could all love like puppies.  I just got to thinking about how we look at people and judge them by the clothes they wear or the body art.  Animals love us no matter what we look  like or what we wear.  They give us their little hearts and trust us to care for them.  Humans tend to disappoint eachother because, well,  we are human.  I love my husband more than anything in this world..him being second only to God..but I know I have broken promises to him and said things in anger that I do not mean.  My point being..God instructs us to love others as ourselves.  Next time you find this difficult..think of the way your puppy, kitten, or whatever animal have loves you.  It is AMAZING to see how they are truly GOD's creatures.

Puppy love to all


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